Endorsement of this book

"Paul Brown's book on proof is excellent. I highly recommend it."

- Dr Paul Swan, Cross Section Magazine, November 2018.


"A fascinating collection of interesting things"

- Kaye Stacey, Professor Emerita Mathematics Education, University of Melbourne.


"This new book, as well as being a delightful read, is of immense value to both teachers and students. The author has succeeded in presenting a comprehensive range of techniques in a very readable, thorough and jargon-free manner."

- Charlie Watson, The Tuition Centre, Perth.


"Problems, puzzles and proofs are intermingled with explanation and advice, and the book avoids excessive formality, adopting a light, even humorous, tone throughout. It is an engaging resource, with plenty to interest any young mathematician and much for any mathematics teacher to delve into. Enjoy!"

- Colin Foster, Association of Teachers of Mathematics. http://www.atm.org.uk/reviews/

"Proof is superb! Some features I especially enjoyed: Conversations about proof; identities and proof; sprinkler on the lawn example (neat!); the future of proof; many continuations of a series; proof projects; the proof that ab is rational for some irrational a and b. I am sure that it ought to be very successful in the classroom."

- David Wells, author of many popular mathematics books, including You are a mathematician and Curious and interesting numbers.

"The IB maths course gives significant weight to mathematical proof, so why not set Diploma Programme students to work on a collection of puzzles and projects around the subject? Dr Paul Brown's 'classroom-proven' book is a great introduction to the real world of mathematics."

- IB World Magazine, the magazine of the International Baccalaureate, "Likes" section, September 2012.